Kristian Finfrock, Financial Planner and Radio Show Host in Madison, Wisconsin

Kristian Finfrock
2 min readApr 7, 2021

Kristian Finfrock is an experienced financial planner, business owner, and radio show host from Madison, Wisconsin. As the founder of Retirement Income Solutions, Kristian strives to help people take control of their personal finances and build a brighter future. He works to educate his clients in best financial practices en route to their long-term goals.

As the host of “Madison Money Guy,” Kristian covers a variety of topics pertaining to retirement, including the impact of current events on savings, top retirement strategies, and taxes. Broadly speaking, the show was built atop a straightforward, but crucial mission: to help listeners keep their retirement assets on track amidst changing financial trends and approaches.

Kristian is a former US military police officer. Through the Army, he gained the opportunity to pursue higher education, earning his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. However, as the years progressed, he bore witness to his family’s financial struggles and, in an effort to help them navigate their finances, he began attending financial classes and discovered his true passion and a life-changing career. After spending several years in the financial industry, he realized he had the tools and talent to set out on his own.

Retirement Income Strategies is propelled by Kristian’s philosophy for retirement and income planning: the belief that each retiree’s income should not be influenced by market volatility. As such, Kristian works with his clients to create a dependable stream of retirement income that can help provide confidence for the future; this has helped set Retirement Income Strategies apart from other financial service providers.

Kristian Finfrock serves as a member of the American Tax Planning Institute LLC and a member of Ed Slott’s Master Elite IRA Advisor Group℠. His nearly two decades of industry experience have led to a crucial revelation: to a majority of individuals, finance is a foreign language. Therefore, it is financial literacy imperative to help simplify the process, and this is an aspect of the job Kristian considers especially valuable. When people understand their financial situations, they are poised to make smarter decisions.

Outside of his business and show, Kristian remains dedicated to the community, running a financial ministry at his church and remaining active in several charities. These programs include Toys for Tacos, an event from his firm that benefits the Evansville community, and the USO.

As a father of two daughters, Kristian prioritizes spending time with his family and, above all, works hard to be a father of whom his girls can be proud.

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Kristian Finfrock

Located in Madison, Wisconsin, Kristian Finfrock is the Founder of Retirement Income Strategies and a local radio show host. Learn more @